How a Well-Designed Home Office Can Be A Great Marketing Tool

I am one of those millennials who works at home.  But my success required that I make substantial adaptations in my family’s lifestyle.  One of these was to design and install a workspace and office strictly dedicated to my business in a section of my home.  I sketched this out myself, relying upon a professional contractor to finalize the plans.  We selected the materials and supplies together.  I took his advice and bought the materials from Home Depot.  He urged me to use their Groupon promo code that gives customers 25% discounts on select purchases.  This significantly reduced the expense of supplies we needed.  We purchased flooring, paneling, lights, paint, as well as tools and supplies.  The money saved  enabled me to furnish and decorate the office to give it a professional air.  It was easy to update the look using Home Depot’s online design tools, and they were great about giving advice and helpful hints.

And this had an immediate effect.  When prospective clients visited they were surprised and impressed to see a real business office and they felt more capable to discuss matters, while not having to cope with the impersonal atmosphere one feels when in a meeting room in “downtown.”  I presented samples of work for them to examine and determine the type of products they particularly desired, set a prospective schedule for the task, and came to agreement upon the price for the job.  After several months it was certain that my new office helped … Read More . . .

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